About Us

GT2’s Center for Threat Management (CTM) is a research organization that assists in identifying, evaluating, and implementing strategies to counter threats to commerce, critical infrastructure, and national security. CTM research is conducted with a focus on securing and increasing the resilience of the infrastructure and mechanisms by which global trade is conducted.

CTM is a non-profit research organization. Our research programs are sponsored through partnerships with public and private sector organizations. These sponsors include federal, state, local government agencies, private sector organizations and industry or professional associations, and international governments and organizations.

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CTM seeks to lead innovation in collaborative management of threats to commerce, critical infrastructure, and national security. CTM programs deliver timely and relevant subject matter designed to push the boundaries of current plans and capabilities.


Mission and Core Values

CTM leverages a two-decade legacy of leading edge operational research within the Department of Defense to apply the expertise and a systematic methodology to identify, evaluate, and implement solutions to varied and unpredictable threats.



CTM leadership maintains an established set of strategic insight and operational and technical expertise that is a unique match to collaborative research and experimentation in threat management and strategic planning.



CTM recognizes that effective threat management requires a “whole of society” approach to balance roles and responsibilities, resources, and capabilities between the public and private sectors. CTM’s most significant capability is its established network of research partners, providing access to technology, facilities, threat intelligence, and an interface for operational insight and feedback.


If you would like to contact us regarding research opportunities, current and upcoming programs, or general information, we welcome your inquiries.