CTM speaks at Los Angeles-area pastors conference

Scott Brewer, Deputy Director for Operations at GT2’s Center for Threat Management addressed a group of more than 500 pastors and clergy at the “Impact 16” Pastors Conference, held at Azusa Pacific University on October 11. Impact 16 was the fifth annual pastors conference sponsored by KKLA, a faith-based radio station owned and operated by the Salem Media Group serving the greater Los Angeles area.

Mr. Brewer gave a brief introduction outlining the current threat landscape as it applied to faith-based organizations and led a more detailed breakout discussion focusing on safety, security, and planning considerations. The breakout included topics such as physical security, cyber security, threat assessment emergency planning, and specialized responses to incidents such as an active shooter.

Mr. Brewer is a recognized subject matter expert in the areas of emergency planning, response, and management and a leader in advocating for increased security and preparedness resources at faith-based institutions nationwide. Mr. Brewer leverages his extensive experience and lessons learned during more than two decades of work on U.S. Navy, state and local government, and private sector security assessment, planning, and exercise programs to communicate the most effective strategies to manage risk based on complex threats to safety and security.

For more information about the Impact 16 Pastors Conference, please visit the KKLA website: http://www.kkla.com/impact-2016