Cyber Threat Awareness and Consequence Management

The modern era is one of connectivity. Connections in cyberspace allow us to remotely and collaboratively conduct efficient business, control physical infrastructure, and access vast amounts of information.

The unfortunate side-effect of this connectivity is that it also allows malicious actors to disrupt, disable, and threaten the networked products and services upon which we rely. Cyberspace allows for the movement of traditional crimes into a virtual world, where they are more difficult to identify, investigate, and stop. Of particular concern is the cyber threat to critical infrastructure. As information systems become increasingly connected to physical infrastructure operations, there exists an amplified potential for large-scale, high-consequence attacks that could cripple the services upon which the economy and daily lives of Americans depend.

CTM programs in cyber threat awareness and consequence management focus on understanding the hazards posed by cyber connectivity, as well as the impacts of interdependency, the value of information, and the processes and partnerships by which identified threats can be mitigated. These programs are conducted in partnership with cyber advocacy organizations and subject matter experts from law enforcement and academia to ensure the most timely and relevant threat scenarios are examined.


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