Port and Maritime Security

Marine transportation is a critical link in international trade and the global economy. Many sources estimate that 80 percent of global trade by volume and 70 percent by value are transported by sea and arrive at ports around the world. The resilience of the port and maritime domains, therefore, are critical to the stability of the global economy and the security of our nation.

With a heritage of operational research and experimentation for the Navy, the Center for Threat Management conducts several sustained programs that focus on domain awareness, security of critical waterside and offshore facilities, and conducting specialized operations in the maritime environment.

Coastal Trident Regional Port and Maritime Security Program

Coastal Trident is an annual program designed to advance the state of the art in addressing potential threats to the U.S. Marine Transportation System through scenario-based education, field experimentation, and exercise activities. The program is conducted in partnership with public and private sector stakeholders in port and maritime operations, security, and emergency management in order to reinforce strategic partnerships, explore developing and transitional technologies, evaluate capabilities, and identify areas for improvement in port and maritime areas of operation.

Offshore Platform Security Threat Awareness and Response Program

OPSTAR is a sustained initiative to explore the homeland security, homeland defense, emergency response, and emergency management issues posed by threats to offshore oil and gas platforms. The program is conducted in partnership with public and private sector stakeholders in critical infrastructure, energy security, maritime operations, and emergency management in order to familiarize personnel with the unique operating environment aboard offshore facilities and evaluate the capabilities of local and regional agencies to support a federal response to an offshore incident.


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