CTM speaks at healthcare cybersecurity community meeting

Brendan Applegate, Deputy Director for Planning at GT2’s Center for Threat Management spoke on the topic of information superiority during a webinar conducted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). The webinar was part of the Healthcare Cybersecurity Community’s monthly webinar series, which seeks to bring awareness about current events and critical issues in cybersecurity.

Mr. Applegate’s briefing focused on the use of information superiority as a tool to protect and increase the resilience of healthcare information and infrastructure against the evolving threat of cyber attack. Through effective collaboration in collection, analysis, and dissemination of threat information throughout the healthcare community, as well as concerted efforts to deny a cyber adversary the same abilities, healthcare organizations can maintain an edge over disruption of critical services, manipulation of and denial of access to information, and risks to life safety. Many of the insights provided were the result of previous programs conducted by the CTM team across the country in the areas of cyber threat awareness, consequence management, and information sharing.

Mr. Applegate is a recognized subject matter expert in the planning and conduct of operational research programs to evaluate asymmetric threats and the complex interdisciplinary strategies implemented to manage them. Mr. Applegate leverages more than fifteen years of work with the U.S. Navy in the areas of systems engineering, test and evaluation, and field experimentation to communicate the concept of information superiority and the ways it might be leveraged as a strategy to address the cyber threat.

For more information on the HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Community, please visit their website at: http://www.himss.org/get-involved/community/cybersecurity

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